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Contract Square is a software development company which constantly keeps track of the latest technology tendencies allowing us to offer leading software solutions. Combined with top-notch security and our attention to details it makes Contract Square a perfect suitor to trust your business's software needs. We are (and always will be) operating as your collaboration partners, not vendors. That is why we will be challenging your idea and will always clearly describe the lengths needed to go in order to bring your vision to life. After all, process transparency and clear communication between all parties are the pivotal points where successful collaboration may thrive. By choosing to collaborate with us, you are setting our ultimate goal for replicating your vision.

Our Values

Hearing client(s) needs
We start with understanding your business, its model and the audience you are targeting. Communication with our customer is a backbone of the whole project cycle.
Bright Ideas
Challenging long standing practices and bringing fresh knowledge is encouraged in Contract Square. We follow new tendencies in technologies and software solutions and adapt them to proven methods.
You are hiring people you are talking to, not someone who will distribute your project to developers of questionable qualification around the globe. We know trust comes with time. That is why we start building it from day one.
Attention to Details
Our team is focused on quality not quantity, first we listen to your ideas to better understand how we can help to improve your project. We are always interested in tasks which require in depth knowledge of a specific field to achieve the best possible results.

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Mobile Development
Web Development
Backend Development
Integration Testing
Continuous Integration
UI/UX Design
Customer Experience

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